Success story: Anderol® RCF-P 68 (FG) in large-scale refrigeration

Large scale refrigeration station

The Situation

We recently successfully implemented the Anderol® RCF-P 68 FG in two different companies in Spain.

Customer A, a company for deep frozen vegetables was using a synthetic hydrocarbon lubricant in their cooling compressors with a pour point of – 48°C. The company noticed that residues were formed in the compressor housing.

Customer B, another company for deep frozen food products was using a mineral oil based lubricant especially for ammonia refrigeration. The problem that occurred was that waxy residues were formed in the compressor crankcase. This resulted in operational stops of the compressor. The problem became even worse during the hot season, when the compressors have to work harder to maintain the same cooling temperature.

The Solution

Both customers replaced their lubricant with Anderol® RCF-P 68 FG, an ISO 68 synthetic PAO based lubricant, specially designed for compressor systems using refrigerants such as ammonia and carbon dioxide, where incidental food contact may occur. Anderol® RCF-P 68 FG is based on a mixture of specially selected non-toxic synthetic PAO combined with a high performance additive technology.

The result

Both companies noticed that the lubricant remains significantly cleaner, and continues to be a pure liquid and without waxes and residues after many operating hours. Another positive effect was the higher reliability and efficiency in the installations. Subjected to be due to the low pour point of –54°C.

  • Optimized machine efficiency and reliability
  • No residues, cleaner lubrication
  • Lower oil consumption

See the full case study here.