Anderol® Specialty Lubricants

Anderol BV  is a global producer and marketeer of synthetic specialty lubricants. Since 1941,Anderol® Specialty Lubricants has been a leading innovative products in the field of synthetic lubricant solutions for a wide range of Industrial and Food Grade applications.

Anderol®  lubricants established a global reputation as high performance lubricants within the industrial markets, particularly in air compressors and vacuum pumps, and are also suitable for total H1 plant lubrication for industries serving the food, animal feed and pharmaceutical markets worldwide. Anderol BV is certified to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 21469, and has been awarded with Kosher and Halal registrations on its food lubricant plant.  

H1 registered lubricants
Compressor vacuum lubricants
Years of innovation & commitment
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What we can offer you

Qualified professionals

Delivering high quality and standards is part of our DNA and certification is therefore a natural part of our process. Check out our certificates, registrations and approvals.

Dedicated team

We are proud of our team members as they do their work with a large degree of commitment and motivation, dedicated to you and your requirements.

High standards

Differently performing oils are required in different circumstances and conditions. High quality lubricants ensure the reliability of your application.

Worldwide network

Our product portfolio is available from a global network of world-class distributors, who will serve and handle your needs professionally.


Last pick up/shipping dates before Christmas

Our last pick-up and shipment date for all lubricants is Friday December 17th 2021. After this, the earliest pick-up date for products will be Wednesday January 5th 2022.

When placing orders in weeks 51 and 52 please keep in mind that the lead time will be longer. For more detailed information about lead times, consult your order confirmation or contact our customer service team.

Over the festive period our office will be closed on December 24th from 12pm CET and December 31st from 12 pm CET.

Wishing you and your loved ones a Happy Christmas and a safe and prosperous New Year.