ANDEROL® is a leading manufacturer and marketeer of high performance specialty lubricants used in wide ranging industrial applications backed by over 70 years of experience. ANDEROL® has a pedigree of technological leadership, pioneering the use of synthetic fluids in aviation to support the American war effort. Its patented technology enabled American military planes to fly across the Atlantic without suffering catastrophic engine overheating.

In the 1950's, ANDEROL® diversified into new lubrication areas providing products that offered strides in performance and efficiency. In the 1960's, ANDEROL® established a global reputation as a manufacturer of high performance lubricants within the industrial markets, particularly in air compressors and vacuum pumps. ANDEROL® Europe headquarters are located in Venlo, The Netherlands. The strategic location is at the centre of European distribution routes enabling us to be close to the main markets.

The application of Anderol® products cuts maintenance requirements usually by half, improves operating efficiency and increases machine life significantly

What we can offer you

Qualified professionals

Delivering high quality and standards is part of our DNA and certification is therefore a natural part of our process. Check out our certificates, registrations and approvals.

Dedicated team

We are proud of our team members as they do their work with a large degree of commitment and motivation, dedicated to you and your requirements.

High standards

Differently performing oils are required in different circumstances and conditions. High quality lubricants ensure the reliability of your application.

Worldwide network

Our product portfolio is available from a global network of world-class distributors, who will serve and handle your needs professionally.

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