2023 Highlights

As another year has flown by, it’s only natural to pause and reflect on the journey we’ve taken through the past 12 months and be grateful for our amazing partners, customers and team. These were our highlights of 2023:

Meeting our partners
Among the highlights, meeting with our partners stands out as a cornerstone of our success. Our partners and customers have not only supported us but also inspired us to reach for greater heights. Their trust in our vision has been the foundation of our continued success, and we are deeply grateful for their unwavering support.

Success with our products and new product developments
We take immense pride in witnessing our partners achieve remarkable successes with our products. Their triumphs not only validate the quality and efficacy of our products but also underscore the strength of the partnerships we’ve cultivated. As we celebrate these shared victories, we look forward to sharing new success stories that unfold in the coming year. The collective achievements of our partners fuel our motivation to continue innovating and providing solutions that contribute to their success.

With input from our partners and customers we have committed to innovation found expression in various product developments. We are Looking forward to launching these product developments in 2024! Stay tuned for our new PAG compressor and gear oils, chain lubricants, and spray can portfolio. 

Religious certificate renewals
Another highlight this year is that we achieved successful renewal of our kosher and halal certificates, underlining our ongoing commitment to delivering products that align with diverse dietary preferences.

In addition, we’re proud to share that our new products have achieved NSF H1 certification, a testament to their safety and suitability for industries where incidental food contact may occur. These certifications not only validate our dedication to the highest standards but also position us for continued success in providing trusted and preferred solutions.

Looking ahead to 2024, we are energized by the opportunities that lie ahead. With the support of our incredible partners and the trust of our valued customers, we are excited to make the coming year even more remarkable than the last.

Wishing you and your loved ones a Happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year.