Success story: Anderol® in alfalfa pellets

 An alfalfa pellet manufacturer in Spain suffered frequent failures and breakdowns in their alfalfa pellet presses, leading to high costs of maintenance and spare parts.  Alfalfa is highly fibrous and resists to compression. The pellet mill equipment is working under heavy-duty circumstances with high loads, steam, and heat involved.

In the bearings inside the pressing rollers in the pellet press, we replaced the lithium complex grease based on mineral oil with the synthetic PAO-based Anderol® FGCS-2 HD grease for heavy-duty applications. The Anderol® FGCS-2 HD grease has a much higher welding load. The worm gear oil inside gearbox of the alfalfa pelletiser has been replaced by PAG based Anderol® PG Supreme Gear 220 FG oil.

Switching to Anderol® products stopped bearing and roller failures or breakdowns. The savings in spare parts and labour hours far exceeded the cost of purchase difference. Oil and grease consumption has dropped as the Anderol® products have a longer lifecycle.

  • Optimized machine efficiency and reliability
  • Lower oil consumption
  • Compliant with food safety regulations