Success story: Anderol® FGCS-2 HD

The Situation
An animal feed manufacturer in South America was using a mineral oil based lithium complex grease for its pellet mill equipment. The product was not resistant to water washout and lost lubrication film during high pressure and friction. This resulted in recurring equipment failures: frequent production stops, high maintenance costs and regular replacement of machine parts.

The Solution
The customer switched to Anderol® FGCS-2 HD – H1 a calcium sulfonate complex grease characterized by exceptional mechanical stability, permanent lubrication film, high load carrying performance, reduced wear and excellent resistance to water and corrosion.

The result
Even under the high humidity, pressure, friction and temperature, Anderol® FGCS-2 HD dramatically decreased bearing and pressure roller failures. Productivity increased because the equipment ran without stoppages for eight months continuously, whereas previously there had been frequent production stops.

The customer saved money on spare parts and manpower and increased production levels resulting in increased sales.

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