Success story: Anderol® FGCS-2 in borehole drilling

A water supply company in the UK is actively excavating new boreholes to tap into subterranean water sources. The drilling process involves utilizing a drill string composed of interconnected drill rods, primarily designed to facilitate rotary motion. These rods feature a thread box at one end and a thread pin at the other, facilitating their connection to extend the drilling apparatus.

Effective grease lubrication of the thread boxes is essential to mitigate friction and enable the seamless assembly of drill rods. Borehole drilling is a heavy-duty application that includes environmental challenges such as the presence of sand, dirt, water, and substantial loads and pressures.

The grease used to lubricate the drill rods should be water-resistant, be able to endure the heavy loads and be NSF H1 certified. This certification is particularly important as it confirms the grease’s safety for use in an environment where the water extracted is intended for consumption.

Our local distributor advised the Anderol® FGCS-2 grease to lubricate the drill rod threads. Anderol® FGCS-2 is an over-based calcium sulfonate complex-based grease with exceptional load-carrying ability, excellent mechanical stability, water resistant and good resistance to oxidation and corrosion.

Most important benefits:

  • Formulated to resist separation under centrifugal forces
  • Superior mechanical stability, particularly in the presence of water
  • Excellent rust prevention properties
  • Excellent load-carrying ability and wear protection
  • Resistance to water washout

 Anderol® FGCS-2 is very suitable for heavy-duty applications with incidental food contact possibility.

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