Success story: Anderol® 6220

The Situation
A global car manufacturer was looking for a paint-friendly chain lubricant for its automotive paint line in its car plant in Brazil. The lubricant needed to be non-toxic and comply with environmental legislation and ISO 14001. It required resistance to high temperatures (130ºC), varnish and lacquer formation and to chemicals used in the paint line. The company was using a synthetic lubricant from a market leading competitor which was enhanced with molybdenum disulfide and recommended for high temperatures, however they were unsatisfied with the chemical reaction and lacquer formation of this lubricant.

The Solution
The customer switched to Anderol 6220 – a synthetic oil based on a mixture of specially selected non-toxic synthetic polyalphaolefins with a specially developed additive system providing excellent oxidative and thermal stability. Importantly, Anderol 6220 offers resistance to high temperatures.

The result

After a few months of detailed comparative tests between Anderol 6220 and the customer’s previous lubricant the following results were found:
• 40% reduction in price per litre
• 30% reduction in consumption
• Reduction in the formation of lacquer and varnishes in the chain
• 100% compatibility with chemicals used in the painting line
• Full conformance to health and safety and environmental regulations


Product Relubrification
Annual consumption
Annual Savings
Competitor 3.94 1440  
Anderol® 6220 2.74 1000 R$298.000,00