Success story: Anderol® 465 in Sintered bearings

The Situation

A Chinese powder metallurgy parts manufacturer produces mainly copper, iron and copper-iron based oil-impregnated sintered bearings, typically used in motors for small home appliances, such as microwaves, air fryers and juicers. Price and noise are the main considerations of the customers of these sintered bearings. Therefore, in order to reduce costs, an ISO 68 mineral hydraulic oil was used for impregnating the bearings. Some customers complained of excessive noise, slow startup at low temperatures, inability to withstand high temperatures and an inadequate service life.

The Solution

The customer switched to Anderol® 465 – an ISO 68 synthetic di-ester based lubricant that is formulated to offer extended lubrication over a wide temperature range, resist gumming and speed fluctuations and to minimize wear. Anderol® 465 has excellent oxidation resistance, reduces friction, good load carrying, excellent corrosion and rust protection, and the nominal operating temperature range is between -35°C to 130°C (-35° F to 270° F). Anderol® 465 is suitable as an impregnating fluid for sintered metal bearings.

The result

The previous product was an ISO 68 hydraulic oil. Tests were carried out at 130 degrees Celsius and the results as follows:

– Poor high temperature performance (oil loss within less than one hour)
– Service life of approximately 300 hours
– The noise reached more than 70db and the bearing was badly worn.

The customer was recommended Anderol® 465 as a replacement oil. Tests were carried out at 130 degrees Celsius and the results were as follows

– Excellent high temperature performance
– Service life of more than 1000 hours
– The noise level was significantly reduced

Using a synthetic lubricating oil, the oil-impregnated sintered bearing can be used for a longer period of time, has superior durability at high temperatures and low noise levels.

Comparison table


ISO 68 hydraulic lubricant      

Anderol® 465

Time, oil loss at 130°C

<1 hr

~3 hrs

Bearing service life

~300 hrs

>1000 hrs

Noise level




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