A short history of ANDEROL

With mineral oil in short supply during this period the development of synthetic solutions was revolutionary, enabling military planes to fly long distances without suffering catastrophic engine over-heating. Our synthetic lubricants were also an essential solution during this period for use in the military.

It was in the 1950’s that our diversification into new markets began in earnest, and we began developing synthetic lubricant solutions that far outshone the competition in terms of their quality and performance.

By the 1960’s we had established a global reputation as a manufacturer of high performance lubricants within the industrial markets, particularly for air compressors and vacuum pumps, and soon expanded this to include food machinery lubrication. Our first compressor OEM partnership was confirmed.

Today we have a global network of Anderol manufacturing and R&D sites with entities in the US, Europe and China. We have built up a competent team of distributors spanning Europe, South America, Asia and Africa and we’re recognised as a leading innovator in the development of synthetic lubricant solutions for a wide range of industrial and food grade applications.

In 2021 we will celebrate our 80th anniversary and are looking forward to the next 80!