Lubrication for worm gear systems


A good example of this is with worm gear systems which are found in various industries and machinery applications.

Worm gears operate with mostly sliding contact between the worm and the gear which means the lubricant is continually scraped away. And although a worm gear is generally slow-running, the predominantly sliding contact means there is a significant amount of friction which results in elevated temperatures. The lubricant suitable for worm gears is able to reduce the friction and lower the temperature but cannot be scraped away.

ANDEROL’s 7000 FG series, available in viscosities 150, 220, 320, 460, is a PAG based lubricant especially designed for worm gears, protecting them from wear and corrosion and extending their service life, thus reducing your maintenance costs. ANDEROL 7000 FG Series are H1 High performance gear and chain lubricants suitable for applications in food and feed processing plants. Besides worm gears it can also be used in chains and ways, including applications containing water , low speed gear sets, bearings and circulating oil systems.

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