ANDEROL® 555 for Vacuum Pumps in Glass Industry


Following successful testing and an oil analysis program, which indicated an increase in oil life of up to 4 four times significantly extending the drain interval compared to their standard mineral-oil based lubricant, the company is now using ANDEROL products for all their lubrication needs throughout their manufacturing plant in Luxembourg.

This is just one of several companies within the glass industry across Europe that are benefiting from significant efficiency gains since switching to the ANDEROL 555 series for their vacuum pumps.

The valves in vacuum pumps must be kept clean and free of deposits to ensure energy efficiency and prevent equipment failure, which is why choosing the right lubricant is essential.

The ANDEROL 555 is a synthetic diester-based lubricant which means superb control over deposit formation, ultra low friction and excellent film strength. Machine parts remain free from deposits and the valves of the vacuum pumps stay clean and blockage free.

To find out more about the ANDEROL 555 series, or for help and advice on choosing the right lubricant for your equipment please contact your local ANDEROL distributor.