Compressor lubricants inert to reactive gases

Where other lubricant formulations fail, the chemical properties of Anderol® C-NRT means it can withstand the rapid breakdown of components caused by aggressive gases. Anderol® C-NRT products do not degrade at the same speed as other lubricants, thereby dramatically increasing the service life of the compressor or pump.

The Anderol® C-NRT range is available in several viscosities and for both industrial and food grade applications. It is recommended for use in centrifugal and screw compressors for the following reactive gases:
• Air
• Bio gas
• Butadiene
• Carbon Dioxide (dry)
• Carbon Monoxide
• Ethylene
• Fluoride gasses
• Furnace (crack) gas
• Helium
• Hydrogen
• Hydrogen sulfide (dry)
• Methane
• Natural gas
• Propane
• Synthesis gas
• Sulfur hexafluoride

Some of the advantages of Anderol® C-NRT include:
• Chemically inert to chemical gases of acidic nature
• No metal additives to interfere with catalytic processes
• Increases maintenance intervals
• Greatly reduces fire and explosion hazard
• Very good water separation
• Lower oil consumption
• Eliminates lacquering and deposits completely
• Reduces energy consumption

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