Grease in applications containing water

However, not all greases are suitable for humid or watery environments and applications. Using the wrong grease under these conditions can lead to corrosive rusting, excessive thickening or softening of the grease and inadequate lubricity which can damage machinery and negatively impact productivity.

Water-resistant greases are recommended for use in applications where water is present as they will not only protect against corrosion, but also ensure lubrication without deterioration. The use of calcium sulfonate as the thickener in water-resistant grease is a proven technology and ANDEROL’s Calcium Sulfonate Complex greases (available for food-grade and industrial applications) offer high performance with respect to heat resistance, load carrying capacity, water resistance and shear stability. Through many years of use, in harsh applications with water present, Calcium Sulfonate Complex greases have demonstrated excellent performance due to their superior wet mechanical stability and resistance to water wash out.

Food Grade Greases
ANDEROL’s Food Grade Calcium Sulfonate Complex greases ANDEROL FGCS-2, ANDEROL FGCS-2 Plus and ANDEROL FGCS-2 HD are suitable for heavy duty food grade applications in the presence of water and other difficult factors such as heat, extreme load and centrifugal forces. Find out more in our Food Grade brochure 

Industrial Greases
For industrial sectors ANDEROL has Calcium Sulfonate Complex greases that are suitable for wet applications such as marine, automotive, toothed wheels, bearings and many more. Please see our Industrial brochure to find out more 

For further information or technical assistance on choosing the right lubricant for your equipment please contact you nearest distributor or contact ANDEROL direct.