Lubricants in the brewing Industry


There are lubrication points at every stage of the process from malting and crushing through to labelling and packaging, each one with its own specific lubrication requirements. Your lubricant supplier should be able to recommend the best product for each lubrication point.

Fermentation stage
For example, at the fermentation stage where you find hydraulics in the separators and filter presses, we recommend using Anderol®’s FGH 46 or 68 hydraulic lubricants.

Labelling and packaging
At the labelling and packaging step, whether using kegs, bottles or cans, the gear boxes, conveyors and roller bearings in your equipment must be lubricated with food grade lubricants and here we recommend various lubricants including Anderol® 6000 series gear oil for gears and Anderol® FGCS 2 (HD) water resistant calcium sulfonate greases for the roller bearings.

Find out more about the other steps in the brewing process
From start to finish of the process the use of food grade lubricants is essential. Download here our handy guide for beer brewing which details the recommended Anderol® lubricants for each stage of the operation.