Lubrication solutions for the fish & seafood industry

The fish and seafood industry is a heavy-duty industry, where lubricants suffer while operating under harsh marine environments where exposure to saltwater and constant humidity can pose significant challenges.

Superior protection against wear and corrosion and thermal stability in cold environments are key performance requirements. Lubricants play a vital role in ensuring smooth and efficient operations while meeting the unique challenges posed by this environment.

These are the specific equipment and operations on an onboard fish/seafood processing vessel:

Hydraulic power units
Fishing vessels usually have a constant flow hydraulic power unit onboard that is a source of power to other devices. The efficiency of the hydraulic power unit is highly reliant on the right hydraulic fluid.

Fish/Seafood processing
Once the fish or seafood is onboard the vessel it goes to further processing which could include cutting, peeling and further cooking or baking.

Mincing machine
After the fish has been filleted – bones and skin removed, the fish is minced. The minced fished is washed several times to clean blood, small bones, and impurities from the mince and then pumped into a decanter to drain the fluids out of the mince before further processing and packaging.

Canning and packaging
The last step in onboard fish and seafood processing is canning and packing of the product.

Anderol Specialty Lubricants is a renowned industry leader, providing top-notch lubrication solutions. Anderol® high-performance synthetic food grade lubricants ensure equipment operates safely, extend re-lubrication intervals, facilitate enhanced production efficiency by reducing downtime for lubrication and maintenance.

These are the most important products for the fish & seafood processing industry: 

  • Anderol® FGCS-2 HD is a PAO-based grease for heavy-duty applications including high loads, wide temperature ranges and slow speeds.
  • Anderol® FGCS-2 PLUS is a PAO-based grease for high-speed bearings and applications under wide temperature ranges.
  •  Anderol® 6000 Series is a chain oil with superior anti-corrosion properties and excellent load-carrying capacities.
  • Anderol® FGH series are hydraulic fluids that can also be used in chains and valves

Anderol® offers solutions for the applications found in fish and seafood processing.
• Excellent low temperature properties, operating in high humidity
• NSF H1 registered and Kosher and Halal certified
• Member of EHEDG
• Reduced friction and wear
• Reduced re-lubrication intervals, lengthened equipment lifetime
• Improved equipment safety
• Protection against corrosion, water, moisture and chemicals
• Elimination of food waste contamination
• Elimination of food allergens and contaminants
• Safer storage, freezing and vacuum packing

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