ANDEROL for baking and confectionary

ANDEROL can provide you with the highest quality food grade lubricants for a wide range of applications in the baking and confectionary industry. Alongside lubrication solutions for compressors and vacuum pumps, chains, gears and bearings and hydraulic applications, we also offer products that are particularly suitable for baking and confectionary.

ANDEROL CHAIN OIL XL FG 220  — Success Story
H1 High temperature synthetic chain oil – ideal for conveyor systems in tunnel and spiral ovens  
3H Dough Divider Oil: Lubricant for dough dividers
H1 Sugar Dissolving Oil that prevents sugar build-up, dissolves sugar and fondant

As well as several Food Grade greases that are made to be used in heavy duty environments with a lot of water, dust and high temperatures.

View our Food Grade brochure to see all products. 

The benefits of ANDEROL lubricants:

  • Superior performance
  • Extended lubricant life
  • Less lubricant used, thus minimised waste/disposal
  • Superior protection of equipment
  • Extended machinery life
  • Reduced down time and maintenance costs
  • Improved food safety
  • Tailor made solutions

All ANDEROL Food Grade lubricants are NSF registered, Kosher and Halal certified and produced in an ISO 21469 and ISO 9001 certified plant. 

 dough mixing baking 

At ANDEROL our technical professionals can assist you with your specific application needs. Find your nearest ANDEROL distributor here.