Meet our distributor Meyerlub


Meyerlub has been a specialized ANDEROL partner since 1975 when the Meyer family started recommending ANDEROL products. The success of this partnership resulted in ANDEROL Italia which was established in 2000 – a joint initiative between ANDEROL and the Meyer family.

In 2016, the Meyer family acquired full ownership of ANDEROL Italia and today remains an exclusive expert distributor of ANDEROL lubricants. Together Meyerlub and ANDEROL are renowned by original equipment manufacturers for their outstanding quality, technical service, approvals and knowledge of the lubrication industry.

Meyerlub has more than 60 years’ of expert technical experience of advising on and supplying synthetic and specialty lubricants for industrial and food grade applications.
Meyerlub has also developed a full range of local formulations of oils and greases for the Automotive, Agricultural and Earth Moving machinery.
With 30 agents throughout the whole of Italy, Meyerlub has lubrication experts near you in Italy.

Meyerlub offers a wide range of specialty lubricants, lubrication systems and accessories, consultancy services and technical training to meet the high performance needs of industrial equipment, as well as agricultural and earth moving machinery. To find out more about our Italian colleagues, please visit