Meet Our Distributor – FRAGOL


It originated from a cooperation between Brenntag and TOTAL in 1962. This family owned and managed business has run independently since 2004 when Heiner Mueske and his family assumed full ownership of the company.

FRAGOL is a leading supplier of heat transfer fluids in Europe and an expert in high quality oils for Hydraulics, Gears, Compressors and Vacuum Pumps. The company has a high level of expertise in H1 lubricants for use in food processing environments.

Commenting on the partnership Tom Kleinschmidt, Business Director at ANDEROL, said: “FRAGOL has been fundamental to the successful roll out of ANDEROL’s strategy to expand in the German and Austrian food and compressor markets over the last decade. The FRAGOL team has a strong technical and engineering background which means they are well placed to advise customers on the best products and lubrication plans for their specific needs and applications.”

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