The importance of regular oil analysis

By implementing an on-going oil analysis programme, maintenance professionals are able to extend both equipment and lubricant life, identify early indications of contamination, minimize unscheduled maintenance, extend drain intervals and support warranty claims.

An oil analysis consists of a series of tests that determine the condition of equipment components and in-service lubricants and provides a detailed breakdown of a lubrication system’s performance. It helps maintenance personnel establish if a component is at risk of equipment failure, how much longer a lubricant will last or if a lubricant has been contaminated.

Importantly, it is impossible to come to the right conclusion from just one sample taken at a certain time. The findings of previous measurements taken at different points in time (the more the better) are crucial so that any trends can be evaluated.  This is called trend monitoring or trend analysis. For example, the typical interval time for oil analysis for a compressor is 2000 hrs to 6 months.

If a lubricant has become contaminated, regular oil analysis can help identify the issue based on contaminant type.  Different types of contamination can affect equipment in different ways. For example air and water can affect fluid film required for surface separation.  Identifying contamination issues early on allows maintenance professionals to fix them before they turn into something more serious resulting in fewer repairs and less downtime.

At Anderol we have Quality Assurance trained personnel who can evaluate the results, once all of the tests have been completed.

Today, we see more online sensors being used – lab analysis and sensors offer the best of both worlds. Besides the routine analysis on request Anderol is also able to solve special technical issues.

Equipment that runs smoothly for longer means greater efficiency and less money spent on replacement parts, saving precious time and money. 

Regular oil analysis can:

  • Save money through anticipating and preventing damage
  • Increase equipment reliability
  • Reduce downtime and increase productivity
  • Minimise potential for unplanned maintenance and repairs

Contact us or your local Anderol distributor to find out more about establishing a regular oil analysis programme.