Brewing beer is a craft, but that does not alter the fact that the modern brewery is an industrial enterprise in which speed and efficiency are central goals, in addition to quality.
For dairy manufacturing using food safe lubricants is essential to ensure consumer protection and compliance with HACCP regulations.  At Anderol we understand the requirements and challenges of the dairy industry from extreme heat to freezing temperatures and have developed food grade lubricants that maximize equipment performance, efficiency and productivity at every stage of the manufacturing process.  
Meat processing
One of the major lubrication challenges that meat and poultry processors face is the stringent sanitation processes that use hot, high pressure water or steam combined with aggressive chemicals. These can remove essential greases from moving parts, allowing moisture and corroding chemicals to penetrate and remain in interstices of equipment where they can cause long term damage.
Anderol Food Grade compressor lubricants
With many food and drink processors running their production 24/7, compressor equipment needs to provide optimal reliability and performance, with minimal downtime. It is essential that the right lubrication is applied.
Operating temperature
The operating temperature range of a lubricant indicates the temperature range in which a lubricant can perform effectively. Two of the most important characteristics of a lubricant when determining operating temperature range are the pour point and flash point.
Anderol Screw Compressor
Available for food grade and industrial applications, Anderol® SYNcom (FG) HiPerf 46 is a high performance screw compressor lubricant specially formulated to last a full maintenance cycle.
storage handling guide
Download our storage and handling guide for lubricants and greases to read more.
Lubtech, a division of CZKSK Ltd, is Anderol’s trusted distributor in Russia, serving a wide customer base with both industrial and food grade lubricants.
oil viscosity
Viscosity is considered the most important property of a lubricant because it determines the lubricant's film strength and efficiency in preventing friction between moving parts.
grease vs oil
In general, we tend to see an oil being used rather than a grease for industrial equipment lubrication, but both can be used and the oil versus grease debate is an ongoing one.
As we put the challenges of 2020 behind us, we hope that 2021 will be a better year for everyone.
Gbr technology
GBR Technology has been a proud distributor of Anderol® lubricants since 2017, covering the UK and Ireland regions. With four field-based sales staff across the country located from Scotland to Cornwall (and a fifth member joining in early 2021), along with support from a wider office-based GBR Technology team, customers experience an accessible, flexible, friendly and responsive service.