Handling and Storage Guide for Lubricants

To make sure you’re getting the best out of your lubricant, we’ve put together the following best practice top tips for proper lubrication storage and handling:

  1. Synthetic lubricants should be stored in a clean, dry room maintained at an ambient room temperature of between 50° and 85°Farenheit or 10° and 30°Celcius

  2. Lubricants should not be stored outdoors. However, if they must be stored outdoors (short periods only) they should be stored horizontally so that water cannot collect on the drums. Drums should be positioned several inches about the ground to prevent moisture damage and protected with a waterproof cover.

  3. Containers should be stored so that the product name/labelling is clearly visible to minimize the risk of using the incorrect lubricant.

  4. Before opening a lubricant drum, the head should be inspected for contamination (e.g dirt) and cleaned if required.

  5. Heads, openings and spouts of all lubricant drums, pails and containers should be kept closed at all times to prevent contamination with atmospheric dust, moisture and other impurities.

  6. When lubricants are transferred from drums care should be taken that the dispensing equipment and transporting containers are free from contamination, such as other liquids and dirt.

ANDEROL lubricants have superior qualities and characteristics, including uniformity, excellent oxidation stability, low evaporation rate, high flash point and wide operating temperature range. We also operate strict cleanliness and quality control policies. Therefore, ANDEROL lubricants will provide a maximum shelf life and a minimum of lubrication/mechanical complications when handled and stored correctly, and used in the application for which they were designed. The shelf life of a certain product can be found on its MSDS as well.

For more detailed information on storage and handling please get in touch. We have local experts available who can offer help and advice. Please feel free to contact your local distributor or get in touch with us directly.