As we approach Christmas and the end of the year (how time flies when you’re having fun and weathering a pandemic!) we take a moment to look back on the events of 2020.
lubricant in cold weather
As we head towards Winter in the Northern Hemisphere now is a good time to start thinking about how best to lubricate your equipment in low temperatures to ensure optimal performance. The cold weather, particularly freezing temperatures, can impact the effectiveness of your lubricants and cause equipment to fail. Equipment always performs better when properly lubricated so making sure you use the right lubricant that performs in low temperatures is critical.
The use of high quality food grade lubricants means optimal performance of equipment, compliance with food safety regulations and most importantly, protection for consumers. Anderol®  has 80 years of experience, expertise and a global reputation as a manufacturer of High Performance Industrial and Food Grade Synthetic Specialty Lubricants for Compressors, Vacuum Pumps, Hydraulics, Chains, Gears and Bearings. 
Lanxess rebrands Anderol
Anderol®, the synthetic specialty lubricants product line from the Lubricant Additives Business Unit (LAB) is rebranding in line with LANXESS’ corporate design.
Lubrication has a direct impact on the effectiveness of your equipment. Get it wrong and it can result in serious and costly damage. Here are the five most common mistakes to avoid.
anderol new packaging
We are proud to be launching a new corporate design for Anderol as part of the ongoing evolution of our brand. Anderol has grown and evolved over the last 80 years and now, as a fully owned subsidiary of the Lanxess group, we are rebranding to reflect who we are today.
anderol lanxess
We have come a long way over the last 80 years as Anderol® trusted by OEMs since the 1960s and with a growing network of reliable distributors spanning Europe, South America, Asia and Africa, the Anderol® name is synonymous with high quality and technical expertise.
YX has been a lubrication expert partner for Anderol since 2008. Distributing Anderol’s high performing industrial and food-grade lubricants to companies across Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.
anderol lanxess
We are excited to introduce our new Anderol® corporate design. Effective November 2nd, we will be visually expressing Anderol®’s affiliation to our parent company LANXESS by introducing a new product logo for Anderol® and using the LANXESS logo.
Five years on and we are pleased to announce that our distributor relationship with Synthec continues to grow from strength to strength, helping us reach new customers across Colombia and Peru.
Unil Opal
2020 marks the 20th anniversary of our distributor partnership with French lubricants specialist Unil Opal.
Meet our distributor MecFlux in Curitiba, Brazil. MecFlux has been serving the demanding lubricant market since 2009 supplying high grade specialty lubricants to customers across Brazil. They also offer consultancy services to meet the varied requirements of a range of industries including automotive, industrial and food and beverage.
Lubricants are essential to many of the applications found throughout the beer brewing process. Every one of them is an essential asset in the production operation that can either make or break the production line. The use of high quality food grade lubricants means optimal performance of equipment, compliance with food safety regulations and importantly, protection for consumers.
cnrt inert compressor lubricant
Anderol® C-NRT is a range of unique, extremely stable synthetic based lubricants inert to the reactive gases found in the most challenging compressor and vacuum pump environments, including nuclear power plants and aluminium processing.
lubrication efficiency
In these unprecedented times of uncertainty and challenges, the need to create efficiencies by improving business processes that eliminate waste has never been more vital. Lubrication is one of these processes and we recommend applying the Japanese-based “5S” set of principles, regarded as the foundation of any process excellence activity. Here we explain how to apply 5S strategy to your lubrication program and the benefits of switching to synthetic based products to maximize efficiency.
grease water
Lubricants absorb water to different degrees depending on the lubricant type and as most oils have low resistance to water absorption, greases are usually applied where conditions are humid or watery and good water resistance is required.
Tecsia Lubricants has been a specialized ANDEROL partner since 1977 and today is the largest distributor of ANDEROL’s products across South East Asia, covering Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, and The Philippines.
over greasing
You’ve found the right lubricant for your equipment, but are you using the right amount? Both under greasing and over greasing can cause detrimental damage to your equipment.
food production
Food grade lubricants are used during the production of food as well as food packaging (where there is direct product contact), tobacco products and animal feed. In the same way as any other lubricant they are used to protect against friction, wear, corrosion, heat and deposits and for the transmission of power. Food grade lubricants must comply with safe food regulations and be registered by the USA based NSF (National Sanitation Foundation). Products that are approved by the NSF as lubricants and release agents for the food industry are assigned to specific product codes (H1, H2, H3, HT1 and 3H) depending on their use. Understanding these different food grade lubrication classifications helps ensure optimal safety and compliance.
Based in Mülheim an der Ruhr in Germany, FRAGOL is ANDEROL’s expert lubricant distributor servicing customers across Germany and Austria.
The use of high quality food grade lubricants means optimal performance of equipment, compliance with food safety regulations and most importantly, protection for consumers.
S series compressor screw
As seen in Lubes 'n Greases July 2020 High Performance Food Grade Compressor Oils at Competitive Prices ANDEROL® Specialty Lubricants has formulated a unique, high-quality food grade semi-synthetic compressor oil that offers outstanding performance at a competitive price.
Using the correct lubricant for your equipment is one of the most effective ways that companies can extend equipment life, achieve performance/production levels and avoid unnecessary downtime. But how do you ensure that you are using the right one?
A hugely successful global industrial manufacturer of glass products specialising in float glass, fabricated glass and fibreglass insulation has recently made the switch to ANDEROL’s high performing 555 synthetic lubricant for their vacuum pumps.