aluminum foil
A Chinese aluminium foil maker specializing in the production of pharmaceutical and household aluminum foils has recently made the switch to Anderol® DDO. The 3H food grade dough divider oil typically used for bakery applications, can also be used in the forming and rolling of aluminium foil. In this case it has been used to coat to the aluminum foil through an electrostatic oiling process ensuring consistent uniformity of the coated foil.
high temperature chain oil bakery
Helps bakery increase production capacity and extend equipment life
Talking exclusively to Dairy Industries International Ingrid Ooms, global technical manager at Anderol, discusses the lubrication challenges and solutions for the modern dairy plant.
The use of food grade lubricants in the food canning industry is essential for food safety and quality control. Consumer protection is the number one priority, but ensuring that the production process runs smoothly and safely is also essential.
Anderol vane Compressor
Anderol B.V. has added a high performance synthetic diester based compressor and vacuum pump oil free of any hazard labelling to their product portfolio.
Brewing beer is a craft, but that does not alter the fact that the modern brewery is an industrial enterprise in which speed and efficiency are central goals, in addition to quality.
For dairy manufacturing using food safe lubricants is essential to ensure consumer protection and compliance with HACCP regulations.  At Anderol we understand the requirements and challenges of the dairy industry from extreme heat to freezing temperatures and have developed food grade lubricants that maximize equipment performance, efficiency and productivity at every stage of the manufacturing process.  
Meat processing
One of the major lubrication challenges that meat and poultry processors face is the stringent sanitation processes that use hot, high pressure water or steam combined with aggressive chemicals. These can remove essential greases from moving parts, allowing moisture and corroding chemicals to penetrate and remain in interstices of equipment where they can cause long term damage.
Anderol Food Grade compressor lubricants
With many food and drink processors running their production 24/7, compressor equipment needs to provide optimal reliability and performance, with minimal downtime. It is essential that the right lubrication is applied.
Anderol Screw Compressor
Available for food grade and industrial applications, Anderol® SYNcom (FG) HiPerf 46 is a high performance screw compressor lubricant specially formulated to last a full maintenance cycle.
cnrt inert compressor lubricant
Anderol® C-NRT is a range of unique, extremely stable synthetic based lubricants inert to the reactive gases found in the most challenging compressor and vacuum pump environments, including nuclear power plants and aluminium processing.
S series compressor screw
As seen in Lubes 'n Greases July 2020 High Performance Food Grade Compressor Oils at Competitive Prices ANDEROL® Specialty Lubricants has formulated a unique, high-quality food grade semi-synthetic compressor oil that offers outstanding performance at a competitive price.
A hugely successful global industrial manufacturer of glass products specialising in float glass, fabricated glass and fibreglass insulation has recently made the switch to ANDEROL’s high performing 555 synthetic lubricant for their vacuum pumps.