The Anderol® Industrial lubricant portfolio consists of more than thirty synthetic compressor and vacuum pump lubricants. Whatever your compressor type or operating environment, we can provide a lubricant that extends drain intervals, decreases deposits, offers superior film strength, and protects your machinery. In addition to compressors and pump lubricants, we offer a wide range of lubricants for industrial applications such as gears, bearings, chains, and greases.


Anderol® 794
Synthetic Grease - Anderol 794 is a di-ester-based, NLGI number 1.5 grade grease that is formulated to provide clean
Anderol® 86 EP-2
Calcium Sulfonate Complex Grease NLGI-2 - Anderol 86 EP-2 is a member of a family of technologically advanced greases
Anderol® OGWR-0
Open Gear and Wire Rope Grease NLGI-0 - Anderol OGWR-0 is aluminum complex soap based grease for lubrication of open
Anderol® OGWR-0 Spray
Open Gear and Wire Rope Grease Spray - Anderol OGWR-0 Spray is mineral oil based Aluminum complex thickened grease de