An alfalfa pellet manufacturer in Spain suffered frequent failures and breakdowns in their alfalfa pellet presses, leading to high costs of maintenance and spare parts.  Alfalfa is highly fibrous and resists to compression. The pellet mill equipment is working under heavy-duty circumstances with high loads, steam, and heat involved.
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Performing used oil analysis is a great tool to examine the effectiveness of your oil and the condition of your equipment components. It is used to extend equipment life and evaluate lubricants and filters. In this article we explain the most important factors.
The fish and seafood industry is a heavy-duty industry, where lubricants suffer while operating under harsh marine environments where exposure to saltwater and constant humidity can pose significant challenges.
The grease used to lubricate the drill rods should be water-resistant, be able to endure the heavy loads and be NSF H1 certified. This certification is particularly important as it confirms the grease's safety for use in an environment where the water extracted is intended for consumption.
Large scale refrigeration station
The large-scale refrigeration facilities used in industrial refrigeration are using refrigerants and are fitted with oil separators as the lubricant is meant to stay in the compressor element. It is important to use a lubricant that is completely non-miscible with the coolant, and one with a low vapor pressure to avoid or minimize oil entrainment into the circuit.
A Turkish manufacturer of kitchen and home appliances noticed that there their blenders and mixers were making too much noise. While conducting an inspection to find the root cause of the problem, they noticed wear on the metal sintered bearings in the mixer and blender shafts.
sintered bearings anderol 465
The type of lubricant that is used in a sintered bearing has a direct impact on the lifespan of the bearing and how well it works in its application. A Chinese powder metallurgy parts manufacturer succeeds by switching to Anderol® 465.
car painting
Anderol® 6220 delivers 70 percent savings for automotive paint line
cnrt inert compressor lubricant
Anderol® C-NRT is a range of unique, extremely stable synthetic based lubricants inert to the reactive gases found in the most challenging compressor and vacuum pump environments, including nuclear power plants and aluminium processing.
A hugely successful global industrial manufacturer of glass products specialising in float glass, fabricated glass and fibreglass insulation has recently made the switch to ANDEROL’s high performing 555 synthetic lubricant for their vacuum pumps.
Selecting the correct lubricant is critical to the performance of your components and not all lubricants are suitable for every application. There are various operating conditions, such as temperature and speed, that need to be taken into consideration otherwise your component won’t be adequately protected from wear and corrosion. In some instances, using the wrong lubricant may even shorten the life of your equipment.