Success story: Anderol® CHAIN OIL XL 220 FG

Helps bakery increase production capacity and extend equipment life

The challenge

A large bakery plant for toast, rusk and rye breads in the Netherlands was using a mineral-oil based chain lubrication for its chains at operating temperatures above 200ºC. The lubricant caused contamination in the chains and had a low service life leading to costly production down-times. Moreover, components needed to be replaced frequently as chain particles were completely covered in deposits. In an effort to optimise performance, the company approached Anderol® to identify a lubricant that offered a high degree of solvency and low deposit formation.

The solution
Anderol®’s specialist team recommended Anderol® CHAIN OIL XL 220 FG - a unique, high quality chain oil that offers outstanding performance for chain lubrication in high temperatures or dirty environments.

As well as high oxidation and thermal stability with low deposit formation, Anderol® CHAIN OIL XL 220 FG has strong detergency properties and prevents carbon build up.

The result
After switching to Anderol® CHAIN OIL XL 220 FG chains have remained clean with no deposit formation. The bakery plant has saved not only an estimated €20,000 in chain revision, but also a week’s downtime. Production capacity has increased significantly, and the life of equipment extended.

Performance properties of Anderol® CHAIN OIL XL 220 FG
 High oxidation- and thermal stability up to 300°C
 High degree of solvency and low deposit formation
 Reduced fumes and odors
 High Flashpoint
 Low Volatility
 Excellent lubricity
 Corrosion and rust prevention
 Anti-wear, anti-noise, anti-sticking
 Strong film strength

Save operation costs, choose ANDEROL CHAIN OIL XL 220 FG!

Anderol® CHAIN OIL XL 220 (FG) is available for both food grade and industrial applications. Applications and industries (examples):

Anderol®CH AIN OIL XL 220 FG Anderol® CHAIN OIL XL 220
 High temperatures Bakery oven chains  Printing and (Car) coating operations
 Pasta manufacturers  Wood-forming industry (MDF pressing)
 Conveyor and drive chains exposed to high temp  Glass manufacturing
 Beverage can lines  Conveyor and drive chains exposed to high temp
 Meat and Poultry processing plants  
 Snack food manufacturers  

Test Results

Petri scale test: solvency, the ability to dissolve carbon build up

petri scale chain oil

ANDEROL CHAIN OIL XL 220 FG has the best solvency proberties, while the competitors lubricant has complete carbon formation. 

Panel coker test 282ºC, 22 hrs: solvency, carbon build up
panel coker chain oil

Thermal Oxidative Stability TGA: 
TGA chain oil thermal oxidative stability

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