A step by step guide to lubrication in the beer brewing process

As any brewery will know, incidental oil contamination at any point in the brewing process must be avoided as consumer protection is critical.  Additionally, ensuring that the production process runs smoothly is essential.

With lubrication points required at every stage of the process from malting and crushing through to labelling and packaging, choosing the right lubricants is important.  The use of high quality food grade lubricants and a successful lubrication program means optimal performance of equipment, compliance with food safety regulations and protection for consumers.

Each stage of the process has its own unique requirements and challenges. At Anderol we evaluate each stage and application to determine the best solution. You can download our handy guide for breweries which outlines our recommended lubricants for each stage of the operation. Alternatively, you can contact your local Anderol distributor for help and advice.

 Download here our handy guide for beer brewing which details the recommended Anderol® lubricants for each stage of the operation.